Vintage Barkcloth Bag Designer

Meet Sylvie

Sylvie Farrington ( born Sylvia Kadzik in 1967, and washed ashore on Martha’s Vineyard in 1986 ) has loved color, design and craft since she can remember.

The daughter of a Northern German watercolor artist crocheted outfits for her teddy bears as a young child. As a teen she designed and made a shirt that was so successful that she saved enough to board a plane to America.

Landing on Martha’s Vineyard and spending a summer, she was inspired to refine her craft. She returned to Germany for a traditional tailoring apprenticeship . Back on the Vineyard she worked as an Aupair for many years and later with Michèle Ratté Fabric Design. She gained skill and confidence.

SylvieBags was born in 1997

Sylvie explains her passion for mid century textiles. “ I had never seen Barkcloth until I took a trip to the Brimfield Antiques Show in 1996. There was a big table stacked with this Vintage material. I loved the mid century design, the texture and the unusual color combinations. I knew right away that I could make something great out of this fabric. I bought a few pieces, started making handbags and people actually bought them in galleries and at shows!

Now, twenty three years later my Vintage Barkcloth obsession is stronger than ever. Commonplace then, and rare these days, I travel wherever I must , to find this unique fabric and make it into bags and pillows for you “

Where to purchase SylvieBags

Craftworks, 42 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs, Ma. 02557 ,