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Customer Reviews

Heart Pillow

5.0 rating
April 4, 2020

I love my pink heart pillow! It’s part of the decor in my office. I have a special loveseat couch for my wedding clients where the heart pillow is a perfect fit! Symbol of love! I am planning to add a few more pillow in the future to create a complete decor. My mother in law is using pot holders! She loves them. It was a perfect Christmas gift. Everyone loves to cook!


Amazing bag design

5.0 rating
March 27, 2020

We are so excited for these bags and we will share this site with our family.

Bryce Reels
Whenever I wear my SylvieBag I get stopped on the street and people want to know where I got it. I love the unique zippers and the fact that the fabric is actually from the 1940’s and upcycled into something so beautiful.
Laura S
Montclair, NJ
I received my bag and it is perfect ! Exactly how I imagined it. You are a wonder!
Susan R.
Milford, Ma.
I use my bag every single day and I love it so much!
Alene S.
West Tisbury, Ma.
The bag is the most gorgeous piece of art. I love it!
Pam F.
New York, NY
Your craftsmanship is beautiful. All the pockets are wonderful and just the right size, the rainbow zippers are so unusual!
Barbara K
Los Angeles, Ca.
I get so many compliments every time I wear my bag. The beadwork is stunning, and in all these years the beads have stayed on! Thank you
Charlotte M.
Lancaster, PA
I have seen other bags made out of Vintage fabric, but nobody has your eye, Sylvie. The amount of detail work is incredible, and I recognize a SylvieBag from a mile away.
Elizabeth H.
Cos Cob, Ct.
I gave my mom one of your heart pillows for her birthday and she treasures it. The velvet is so soft , and she actually uses it as a backrest when she reads in bed at night.
Corinne P.
Madison, WI.
I have a heart pillow addiction, LOL. I had to create a “Sylvie room“ in my house where the pillows have their own couch and chairs . I think currently I have 23 heart pillows in different colors and sizes. I love the way they all look together and make my house feel so cozy!
Bella T.
Boston, Ma.

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